Innovation mixed with Durability. We Proudly Offer Home Improvement Products to serve Homeowners, Contractors and Regional Companies. 

Check out Our Brands:

ADORN® Mortarless Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer siding that is easily installed with fasteners, eliminating the need for mortar and masons. Made with high-strength concrete for long lasting durability, ADORN® adds style without the extra cost of traditional stacked stone.

Handi Foundation Systems

Handi Pier® and Handi Block provide an easier way to install decking and foundation systems. Stop digging holes and waiting on concrete. With these products, you can get the job done without having to pour footings, saving you time and money.

NCP Industries - Natural Concrete

Natural Concrete Hardscapes

Create the backyard of your dreams with our hardscapes line. From our unique Patio Paver Kits to our easy-to-install Fire Pit Kits, you can have the outdoor living space you've always been wishing for.

ZipUP Ceiling® and UnderDeck®

A unique system created to provide a simple solution for ceilings and under decks. This system can be used in a variety of spaces and applications, but no matter where you choose to use ZipUP, you'll be left with a durable, finished look.